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What’s in a Name?


Before I came to know Jesus as my friend and a loving present Father, I found my identity in all things of the world – education, grades, job performance, relationships, and controlling things out of fear. As we immerse ourselves in His Word and surround ourselves with a community of believers, the Holy Spirit renews and transforms our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. Gradually, our desires and actions start aligning with the will of God, conforming us to the image of Christ. We learn to find our identity in who Christ says we are instead of what the world says.

When I reflect on my life, my name and the different variations people called me, they seemed to correspond to where I found my identity at the time. As a young child, my family and friends called me and still call me “Chrissy”.  I was a young child, carefree, loving, joyful… not knowing the pains of this world. As I grew the name became a bit “older” to “Chris”. I was now in school pushing myself to find self-worth in grades and as an athlete. “Chris” was appropriate. The next step was college. I would transfer to a University in California from my hometown in Ohio and first year of college in Syracuse, NY. The name became “Christy” was reckless, impulsive, and unfortunately making decisions that were not honoring God or myself.  I started to find my identity in relationships; relationships that were unhealthy, taking me further from God. College graduation came and now it was time to make money. I did not want to continue a life of financial struggle putting myself through college working 3 jobs. I tried everything I could not to be dependent on anyone including God. My identity was now wrapped around my success at work and how much money I made. “Christine” was much more professional, and this would be my name for that season. Fast forward to my late twenties, I met my husband, (he liked the name “Chris” ☺ ) and thankfully through the grace of God we are happily married today. God revealed Himself throughout our marriage, helping us overcome challenges and find healing, forgiveness, and wholeness. As empty nesters, God brought us to Franklin, TN. Today, I introduce myself to new friends as “Chrissy” , the name my family still calls me and knows me by. “Chrissy” is the name I associate with love, joy, and freedom, not what I can accomplish. This came from finding my identity in Christ and proclaiming the truths of God’s Word in my life many years ago. People still call me all these names and I love it……whatever they feel comfortable calling me is fine as today my identity is not wrapped up in a name, an accomplishment, or a relationship….it is wrapped in the love of God and the love of God alone. I am a daughter of the Highest King!

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2 Corinthians 5:17

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